About Us

Our Mission

To strengthen the financial state of private practices and group practices by accurately and expeditiously processing, tracking, and assertively recovering their insurance claims reimbursements, while delivering exceptional customer service


Who We Are

My name is Charles Foy III. It started with a thought, an idea, really, of wanting to become an entrepreneur. My wife, Kelli, had watched me toil as my brain raced for a meaningful fit. My dad inspired me to become an entrepreneur, who set the stage for this pursuit.

As Christians, I knew that whatever my wife and I decided to do, we would help, serve, or support someone in need. I eventually discovered a company called ClaimTek Systems that offered what we were looking for exactly - a meaningful fit. Through ClaimTek, my wife and I were trained and became certified medical billing professionals and practice management specialists. We were now on our way to helping change the outlook for those aspiring physicians and existing group practices who are ready to shift their focus back to their passion and away from the business side of their practice.

During our training, I remembered a personal conversation with one of my doctors the year before. She pulled back the medical curtain, so to speak, and shared her frustrations and concerns within her practice. I was utterly shocked by the candid details she shared and appalled by the treatment she received. I wanted to help her, but I did not know how or if I could at that time. She talked to me about her debt, about barely seeing black in her financials, about being taken advantage of by her retiring partner, and then not more than two years later, her newly hired partner just left along with her staff.


This forgotten story was the subconscious catalyst that drew me to help physicians acquire more of their revenue, who shared similar frustrations or pains. I believe my wife and I had some divine intervention because now, as certified medical billers and practice management specialists, we could provide a service to all physicians nationwide. We believe that many physicians have, unfortunately, become subject to accepting what they get. Like there is no other way to retrieve more of the money owed to them from insurance carriers and patients.

We believe that settling and the status quo should no longer be an option for you or your practice. Our comprehensive software platforms; our Dynamic Error Mitigation framework; and our sincere, honest desire to serve all physicians is the breakthrough. It would be best if you did not have to pay exorbitant fees, extremely delayed reimbursements from insurance carriers or your patients, or inferior and expensive billing software packages. It would be best not to invest time and money in training your staff on new billing software. It would be best if you did not have to contend with the always-changing healthcare landscape in our country or increased denials because of those changes. It would be best if you did not have to hire additional staff to do your billing, especially when needed to assist you in the care of your patients. It would be best not to sacrifice the quality of care to your patients because your staff is stretched too thin due to your medical billing.

You could genuinely remove the stress and concerns of your accounts receivables, your denials, and their resubmissions, as well as any in-house billing processing headaches, by merely allowing CK Billing Solutions to manage all of this for you professionally. CK Billing Solutions will bring balance back to your practice, increase your profitability by at least 20% and help you build equity within your practice.

Schedule an appointment today to learn how Kelli and I can help recover more of your money and reduce your private and public health insurance carrier frustrations.